The three G’s of life “Eat Good, Dress Good and Feel Good”.

It does not matter whether male or female, or where you are located in the face of world, the number one goals of life is often towards being happy. This is a justification of a man’s day to day struggle and strives, whose fulfillment can be overwhelming to curtail. Our instincts drive us into wanting to engage in activities that can equate joy and satisfaction such we can own, hence joy, satisfaction and self fulfillment comes from these definite or defined moments in time.
We often become small and shrink in value when we cannot get to our dreams or activate our passion, a pursuit which the  three good of life are coded in. I would assume that every pursuit usually translate into a liquid cash, since we cannot undermine the influence of money with the role it plays towards meeting our needs, hoping to accomplish the three good of life seems unattainable. Money is a valuable asset, it is indispensable and cannot be debated to this effect. Money brings fame and the ability to afford the necessities of life. Money can corrupt, it can distracts the mind from its intended purpose it originally seek after. When this happens, one soul can be saddened and the purity of happiness, joy and self fulfillment could be compromised. This effect has led me to ask if money the sole agent which can create the three good of life? It seems to have the power to accomplish all the fulfillment of life, and a lifestyle of necessity.
Could money be all we need as mankind to live a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle which is accompanied with harmony, long life and peace in overall?

I know that life has many “why” questions on fulfillment. But I had always imagine living a life that is full with vigor, vitality and thoughts of happiness and possible excitements, a life, where I can, could and will without being pressure by money.


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