“the twist of what is given”.

We live a life that isn’t even close to the one we should be living, we struggle as humans by trying to fit into our identity, just from knowing who we are to what our capabilities are. Everything I use to know has been re-made from its original state into something else, the future that was spoken about years ago is now here. Science has succeeded in creating robotic machines that are capable of taking over human careers and professions, since more effort is being devoted to creating machines rather than developing tools which is capable of improving human capacity in order to build our lives.
Few years ago I could only assume that most recent technological advances were fantasy, but the reality is the reverse. I could speculate that in sixteen to twenty years from now I can imagine a world where our daily lives would become a hyper busy one, that is fill with pressure, and competition with ourselves to the point where family life might be compromised.
I hope we find ourselves back on track in the midst of the evolving scientific creativity, so that humans can be made brand new. Where we would be able to stimulate humanity, express love and togetherness for the beauty of all.


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